Fighting poverty & building community wealth in Athens, GA and surrounding counties

What’s at stake if we do nothing?

"If nothing changes, human suffering will increase"

With gratitude to you, we met our goal on Giving Tuesday 2023, secured a $12,000 grant to begin our work, have completed our paperwork for non-profit staus and hosted two Resist & Build Dinners with community members.

Now, we have selected a pilot project in parternship with Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement: Heart for Housing!

Homeowners and landlords are invited to partner with Hive Mind & AADM to create housing opportunities that would typically be out of reach for low-wealth, single-parent households. 

Single parent applicants are selected for a co-living program that includes wraparound services provided by Hive Mind Community Investment Cooperative and Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement.

Hive Mind and AADM will provide a portion of the monthly rent for co-living participants. The combination of offsetting the high rental prices and combining resources from co-living participants will provide the much needed breathing room that participants will need to grow and develop.

Participants commit to co-living by establishing house rules, expectations and boundaries. Participants will develop skills through wraparound services that include financial empowerment, community engagement, house management and collaboration, shared responsibilities, and personal and professional development. 

By the end of the lease term,  participants will have had an opportuinty to reflect and develop a transition plan for securing housing, employment or futher education opportunities. 

We are launching our grassroots fundraising campaign with a fundraising drive during the week of Juneteenth (June 17-21) to secure the commitment of 25 community funders to launch a co-housing project for single moms in Athens.


Diversified Community Investment Fund (DCIF)

Reparational wealth building, centering QtBIPOC community, in both real estate and business investment, starting in NEGA and expanding outward at the pace of community

Worker-Led Non-Profit

Increase quality of life of BIPOC throughout the NEGA region through community-building, advocacy, and redistribution of resources to redress multigenerational exploitation and disinvestment.

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HIVE MIND Community Investment Cooperative was founded by:

Imani Scott-Blackwell

Charlisa Coleman

Joy Brown

Cassie Chantel

HIVE MIND Steering Committee: Founders & Cshanyse Allen, Matthew Epperson, Matt Hall, Alice Kinman, Jami Mays